Explicit video triggers anger among fans…Zimdancehall artist under fire

14 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
Explicit video triggers  anger among fans…Zimdancehall artist under fire Ras Pompy


Tanaka Mahanya

ZIMDANCEHALL artist, Ras Pompy, is under fire over his music video, which some of his fans believe is too explicit.

The Skin to Skin video features a naked woman, and some of his fans have said the video goes against our culture as Africans.

The defiant artist, however, believes that his music is art and is not for children.

“My music is not meant to teach children, I am not a civil servant,” he said.

However, the fans are clear that he crossed the lie.

Below are some of the comments from the fans:

Hapana zvaakaimba. The kid is looking for relevance with nudity. Okay. — Tinei Trilms Mtetwa.

* * *

Song haitonakidze so he is trying to grab attention through the video nevanhu vasina kupfeka. I also blame the girls who may also be seeking attention. This is not how it is done though. — Frank King.

* * *

This is so sad. The young man should be ashamed of himself. We do not expect this from the youths. They should be working towards development and educating others through music, not these kind of things. — Maka Chita.

* * *

His sound quality does not even sound like he is a famous artist. Honestly speaking, ngaasiyane nazvo, I used to look up to him but I did not like this video. — Lamar Kays.

* * *

The video shocked me. There is no art here. This is Zimbabwe, not Jamaica, our cultures are different. No hard feelings to the young man, but he should try something creative. Iri ratova drama. — Sudehbouyzw Kundie.


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