Latwell Nyangu

PREPARATIONS for the 16th Sanganai Hlanganani World Tourism Expo, set to take place from October 12-14 at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in Bulawayo, are gathering momentum. 

The event aims to showcase Zimbabwe’s diverse tourism attractions and investment opportunities to potential international tourists and investors.

The Expo will bring together exhibitors from various sectors, including tour operators, accommodation establishments, wildlife reserves, adventure sports providers and cultural organisations, to foster collaboration and networking opportunities.

The event aims to drive growth and development in the tourism sector by creating sustainable employment opportunities and revenue, as well as attracting visitors and investors, from around the globe.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), head of corporate affairs, Godfrey Koti, said the event is committed to promoting Zimbabwe’s tourism excellence.

“One of the core objectives of this Expo is to foster collaboration and networking opportunities among industry professionals.

“By serving as a meeting point for local and international exhibitors, travel agents, tour operators, journalists, and government officials, the event facilitates fruitful partnerships and drives growth in the tourism industry.

“Together, stakeholders aim to generate revenue, create sustainable employment opportunities, and propel Zimbabwe’s tourism sector forward.

“Through targeted exchange programmes, business match-ups, and thought-provoking B2B meetings, the Expo strives to cultivate long-term partnerships in the tourism sector, driving economic growth and development.”

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