Fadzayi Mahere unmoved by defeat

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Fadzayi Mahere unmoved by defeat Fadzayi Mahere


2 August 2018

Fadzayi Mahere

Advocate Fadzayi Mahere who lost the Mt Pleasant seat she was eyeing as an independent candidate said she is not moved by the defeat.

Mahere began her campaign last year with her Team Yellow running with the theme ‘be the change’ and was involved in community projects such as grassroots training programs, medical outreach and legal aid and women’s cooperatives.

Throughout the campaign, Mahere constantly reiterated that she would either win or learn.

“We consistently said that we would learn or win. We have learnt that it is important to take a stand, to speak up, to participate, to innovate, to challenge, to collaborate, to step outside one’s comfort zone and to be the change. We thank you all for your support” said Mahere.

When asked if joining a party would help her win and if she will join any party in the future, Mahere said

“I could have sat back and joined a party and watched. But what we are trying to build is bigger than that. What I will do in the future is to continue to live a life of meaning-whatever shape or form it takes.”

Responding to questions about her experiences throughout the campaign, she said she enjoyed the campaign trail regardless of being an independent candidate.

“It was never tough, I enjoyed the campaign trail and life goes on. I also learnt how to replace only complaining with being an exemplar for the sort of politics we like to see in our society- where the people come first and issues matter, I learnt to be kind even when other people aren’t. I learnt the importance of passion for community and country,” said Mahere.

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