Latwell Nyangu

SINGER and actress, Faith Candy, is excited to be part of a cast for the new drama series titled “Broken Lives” airing on DSTV.

Born Faith Naphazi, the entertainer features as May, a character who is described as brave.

The entrepreneur says she feels honoured to be featuring in the movie.

“As an actress, I feel incredibly honoured and excited to be part of the drama series ‘Broken Lives.’ 

“It’s a privilege to bring the character of May, a brave woman, to life on screen.

“The opportunity to delve into her story and explore her emotions and experiences is both challenging and rewarding.”

Candy says she is using the platform to contribute to storytelling.

“I am using this platform as an actress to contribute to storytelling and create awareness about important issues.

“Through my portrayal of May, a brave woman, I aim to shed light on the strength, resilience and courage that many individuals possess in the face of adversity.

“By engaging with the audience, through the medium of television, I hope to inspire and empower viewers, encouraging them to reflect on their own lives and find inspiration in the stories we tell,” she said.

The role Candy plays reflects on how life has not been a bed of roses for her.

As the world sees her working hard and thriving to get on top, it has been all about bravery.

The series airs on NRTV on Mondays.

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