Faith Candy fights cyberbullies

08 Jul, 2021 - 10:07 0 Views
Faith Candy fights cyberbullies Faith Candy in Dubai


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter
HARD-WORKING songbird-cum-entrepreneur, Faith Candy, has taken a swipe at social media users who negatively attack progressive individuals.
She made the remarks after she was bashed for posting a video whilst in a shop in Dubai where she purchased a hand bag in Michael Kors shop.

Faith Candy with her handbag

“I went in a Michael Kors shop where I bought a handbag before I posted a video walking in the shop.

“I was holding the bag and so people were arguing that there was nothing the bag.

“They attacked me saying that I was showing off and I felt many people hate where there is success,” she said.

Some of the comments were that, influencers are buying empty shopping bags to pretend they are rich.

“I went to Dubai for business and a bit of vacation, I went to collect my products for slimming.

“Many people were so happy about it but haters will always be haters.

“There are some who don’t want to see progress.

“You cannot just wake up in Dubai but there is effort in trying to change life.

“I am working hard to see myself as someone better not to show off to people, in other words I am inspiring someone out there,” she added.

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