Zvikomborero Parafini

A FAKE doctor, who was operating at Parirenyatwa, was sold out on his lie after he read an X-ray upside down.

Douglas Mutoredzanwa was arrested doing doctor’s rounds at the main referral hospital in Harare on Tuesday.

He is facing theft and impersonation charges.

Allegations are that on Tuesday, Mutoredzanwa misrepresented to Dr Wilson Kurangwa, who was on duty, that he was a medical doctor on duty and was attending to a patient.

He went on to grab an x-ray film from Dr Kurangwa and pretended to be analyzing it raising comments while it was upside down.

He then left the X-ray film and took two surgical blades, pethadine drugs, three syringes, some cotton wool, two Cannula sensitive tapes and a pair of gloves and went out with them.

Dr Kurangwa became suspicious with the way Mutoredzanwa was holding the X-ray and he alerted Whatmore Tarugarira, the hospital’s loss control officer.

Tarugarira teamed up with some security guards and they arrested Mutoredzanwa after he failed to give a satisfactory explanation of his purpose of visit to the hospital.

He was searched upon arrest and the security team recovered the blades and drugs he had stolen.

The State, represented by Rufaro Chonzi, opposed bail and Mutoredzanwa was remanded in custody pending bail considerations.

Last week, Felix Tagonera, who was masquerading as a gynecologist at the same hospital, appeared in court and was released on US$100 bail.

He returns to court on May 13.

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