‘Fake’ Madzibaba Masango exposed

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‘Fake’ Madzibaba Masango exposed FAKE . . . Leonard Ronald Kaseke


30 October 2017

FAKE . . . Leonard Ronald Kaseke

A member of Johanne Masowe eChishanu church, who has been duping people around town masquerading as popular prophet Madzibaba Masango, has been exposed.

The man, Leonard Ronald Kaseke or simply Madzibaba Rony’s shenanigans were exposed after he tried to swindle a woman who knew the real Madzibaba Masango.

After realising that his tricks had hit a snag, he then lied to the woman that he has been sent by Madzibaba Masango and duped her of US$220.

Contacted for comment, Madzibaba Rony admitted that he has been moving around pretending to be Madzibaba Masango.

“It’s true and I want to apologise to my brother for what I did.

“But sometimes I was just saying ndatumwa naMadzibaba Masango and it was all lies. He never sent me to carry any duties on his behalf.

“I charged this woman in question US$600 but she gave me US$220, so when I was demanding my money she then got in touch with Madzibaba and that is when I was nabbed,” he said.

He added: “Madzibaba Masango vanotondiziva and I used to attend his service at his shrine. I also help people but the problem is that I was moving around wearing a t-shirt inscribed his name and that is when the problem started.”

Madzibaba Masango said he was shocked to learn that there are people who are moving around using his name to swindle people.

THE REAL Madzibaba Masango

“This has been happening a lot, there are people who are moving around using my name. I then also realised that this man is also doing the same.

“Sometimes he claims to be me or that I have sent him. I want to warn people not to fall prey to such people. I move around with my ID and people should also come to my church and know me personally,” he said.

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