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03 Oct, 2022 - 00:10 0 Views


Arron Nyamayaro

THREE self-styled prophets were yesterday exposed and forced to return money to a victim from Hatcliffe following their fake prophecy.

Seven men, led by Godknows Muchato, disrupted a church service led by Madzimai Dorcas, Madzibaba Engi and Madzibaba Grashknows, along Domboshava Road, over fake prophecies and prayers they conducted at his house.

Madzibaba Engi and two others were reported to have demanded US$40 from Muchato to cleanse his family.

“My wife is the one who consulted the prophets and she was asked to bring me to their shrine for further prayers,” said Muchato.

“I agreed and when we arrived at the shrine, I was asked to look for a lamb and bring two old men no longer interested in women, as well as three stones from Mhondoro, Murewa and Domboshava.

“I was also told to buy a clay pot and was charged US$40 for the items and money for transport since I was unable to travel to the three places.

“They took my two shirts claiming that they would use them in the cleansing ceremony.

“After payment they promised to remove a tortoise from my house which they claimed was causing my car to always have mechanical faults.

“When they arrived at my house to remove the so-called tortoise, one of them claimed it had changed into a bat and flew away,” said Muchato.

Madzibaba Dorcas after returning money

He felt cheated and informed his friends and relatives.

They teamed up and went to demand his money back.

Madzimai Dorcas gave Muchato US$30 and promised to pay the balance and return his two shirts next week.

“I am the one leading this shrine and I was not aware of the prayers conducted so I was left with no choice, but to return their money,” said Madzimai Dorcas.

“The other two prophets who accompanied Madzibaba Engi to Godknows’ house are in Glen Norah where we have another church branch.

Godknows Muchato (right) at the shrine

“Godknows came here and disrupted our service demanding his money and some of the people accompanying him threatened to beat us,” said Madzimai Dorcas.

Madzibaba Engi pleaded with Godknows for peace and apologised for their failure to conduct the cleansing ceremony.

“We are very sorry for this and I will address my other guys for peace with Godknows,” said Madzibaba Engi.

A number of self-styled prophets have been buying clay pots from Domboshava and reselling them to their unsuspecting victims.

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