Arron Nyamayaro 

IT was family time for many couples as they took time to cast their votes in the harmonised elections held throughout the country yesterday.

A number of couples were spotted in the early hours walking side by side, to exercise their constitutional right to choose their candidates to represent and led them. Charity Mandiyenga said the poll gave them more time to spend with their husbands.

“The elections accorded us time to be with our spouses and I am happy for that” said Charity.

“Kazhinji varume vanouya kumba tarara uye nguva yakawanda vanoswera kubasa kwavo ini ndirikwangu.

“It is a good day for us as a couple and that for our nation,” she said.

A spirit of unity among voters were seen as they cast their votes. One of the candidates, Simbarashe Chanachimwe, hailed the Mbare folks for voting peacefully. This election is so peaceful,” said Chanachimwe, soon after casting his vote at Materereni Flats.

“Mbare is so quiet, there is no violence or calling each other names.”

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