FAMILY BLOWN AWAY BY LOVE THEY RECEIVED AFTER LOSING SON IN TRAGIC ACCIDENT . . . Over 300 mourners bade farewell to schoolboy . . . Tinaye’s family thankful for overwhelming support

Latwell Nyangu

TINAYE Chibaya, the 11-year-old boy, whose tragic death touched the hearts of thousands of people, was a talented artist and mbira player, who left a legacy well beyond his age.

Tinaye died due to head injuries, after he was dragged by a horse he was riding, during a family Easter holiday outing.

His funeral wake even shocked his grieving parents who were touched by the outpouring of support they received from friends and relatives.

His funeral attracted scores of people and the majority spoke about the love they had for the boy and how they had been impacted by his tragic loss.

Even his school, St Martin’s Convent Primary School, held a funeral procession for him.

The aspiring musician and mbira player died on March 30.

The family had been enjoying an outing, during the Easter holidays, at Bushman Rock Resort Safaris in Ruwa, when disaster struck and changed their lives forever.

He was in the company of his father Brian, his mother Memory Chibaya, siblings, and other family friends.

On the fateful day, a giraffe charged towards the horses and they started fleeing.

This resulted in Tinaye, who had fallen from his horse, being dragged.

The tragedy has left behind a shattered family but, a month after the incident, his father Brian spoke to H-Metro about what really transpired that day.

Most of the reporting about the incident had been way off the line of truth about what really transpired that day.

“So, he was tossed from the horse to the ground and got dragged, his leg was trapped on the saddle and couldn’t be freed from the fleeing horse.

“He was dragged for a distance and the terrain is rough.

Gumbo rakasasara rakarembera and the horse continued to move. The injuries were really bad.

“We tried everything to resuscitate him, through a doctor in the area, but it was too late,” he said.

Brian added:

“We didn’t really see it happening, vana ndivo vakaona. The horse was spooked by a giraffe, so rakavhunduka.

“It was not a birthday party but it was a family Easter celebration. 

“It was a family event and we were there from Friday and were expected to leave on Sunday.

 “There were many activities and our kids were riding horses.

“But, in the future, we just want the resort to provide safety for riders, especially the young kids.

“They should also provide medical facilities, in case of emergencies, but we thank them for supporting us throughout.

“We also want to thank Nyaradzo Funeral Services for helping us with almost everything.

“St Martin’s Covenant School was very helpful and supportive.”

His mother Memory, said, Tinaye was a future musician.

“He was a musician, mbira player and drummer. Last year they went to South Africa to represent Zimbabwe in some competitions.

“He was part of the choir team and he was supposed to go back to South Africa in May for other competitions.

“On his burial, the whole school came to honour him, there was a procession for his funeral.

“He was buried in Zova area of Zvimba, not Masvingo.”

She said they were overwhelmed by the support.

“Over 300 people came to the burial and we were like mourning a 50-year-old.

“The support was overwhelming and we never expected such a huge support.

“He was a loved boy.

“We really appreciate what Bushman Rock Resort did in supporting the funeral. They were very helpful and they provided a lot of things, they did their best.

“I want to thank everyone who supported us, and Feli Nandi for honouring my son.

“She even composed a song for him.

“We got support from different people and we really appreciate that.”

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