Maria Chiguvari

SUPERSTAR Jah Prayzah’ fans have fallen in love with the award-winning crooner’s new documentary about how he compiled his two albums Maita Baba and Chiremerera.

The 36-year-old released a documentary to revisit the highs and lows he experienced in recording the two albums.

They were launched in Harare and Bulawayo on two consecutive nights in May.

The documentary shows the whole procedure of how he recorded the two albums.

Although he has said he was not possessed with any spirits, as widely speculated by many, in the documentary he went on to talk about how his music is spiritual.

“I have my own definition of music and I believe that music speaks with the soul of a person.

“Music is very spiritual, there is no ancestral spirit which appears without drums, mbira, hosho being played and without being sung for.

“It’s not easy to invite the holy spirit without singing songs of praise.

“Even at funerals people cannot be comforted without music,” he explained in the documentary.

In the video, his manager, Keen Mushapaidze, went on to explain how humble and creative Jah Prayzah was.

Over the years, Jah Prayzah’s shows has seen some fans sleeping into a trance during performances.

“What inspired us was culture, the need to express ourselves as black people, as African people and as cultural people.

“So, we went all out looking out for cultural sound, where the sound comes from and the history of the sound,” said the producer G Fingers.

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