Fans reject Warriors kit

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Fans reject Warriors kit


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Zimbabwe football fans and fashion enthusiasts have rejected the new Warriors kit which was designed by top sportswear and equipment supplier, Umbro.

The jersey is doing rounds on social media after representatives of Umbro appeared at the Warriors match against Congo-Brazzaville donning it.

A number of fans argued that the yellow and red kit, touted to be for home matches, does not represent Zimbabwe.

Calls have been made for the Zimbabwe Football Association to challenge Umbro to design another home jersey with colours that represent their number one team.

The Warriors jersey is usually dominated by green and yellow with a fusion of some colours.

This one is, however, dominated by red and yellow which saw fans fuming on various social media platforms.

The Young Warriors, who face Mozambique this afternoon, are expected to wear the ‘rejected’ kit.

Below are some of the comments as football fans reacted after renowned football writers and commentators like Steve Vickers posted the picture of the new home kit.

This kit is awful madoda. After waiting this long then u r forced to accept this nonsense…Beggars aren’t choosers for sure. ‏ @DecoDecent2

When we talk of colours with meaning. Green for the land Africa, Black for the people it was looted from. Those colours Those colours are missing from this strip Blood and gold come last. No?  @FortuneMushang5

Thats Catalonia Barcelona kit. We need our Zimbabwean kit please Umbro or else just bring back the Legea.  @RonaldMbeke

Please kindly whisper to them that Zim is not Ghana, that kit is not Zimbabwean and it will be a bad omen going into Egypt. Umbro mustn’t come to defile or erase our identity but enhance. ‏ @TatendaNyakany1

This is not the Zimbabwe we want lol. Seriously the red is too much, Yellow should be more dominant. This won’t fly and I wouldn’t want to get one as a fan. ‏ @beebrian

Seems like this kit is not popular with the masses. Not representative of out national team. Would be nice for fans to buy replicas but don’t think any would be buying this design. It seems like a Fail @KSEGrp

That design is not a Zimbabwean ,Get us something that we would all like to be identified with. Umbro come on! ‏ @SsodindaN

Iyi haisi bhoo guys… Not at all. @online_zifa muri vanhu vekuziva imi. Who approved this nonsense. @muyauri

@umbro What madness are you trying to pull off here? Since when has Zim used these nonsensical stripes? This kit is soooooooooo unZim and we do not want it. J ‏ @jedza0668

What an ugly kit, these are not our colours, they should re design, we want our traditional plain gold and green. ‏ @AddyBashin

I don’t think as Zimbabweans we identify with this jersey. Feels like you had made it for someone else who rejected it and decided to give it to poor Zimbabwe. I wouldn’t buy that. Nyangwe zviri zvemahara no thanks. @Marshizie

This is not the Zimbabwe we want lol. Seriously the red is too much, Yellow should be more dominant. This won’t fly and I wouldn’t want to get one as a fan. @beebrian

The truth with these guys is they already made that kit but did not find suitors so now the want to impose it on Zimbabwe…wat is o difficult to redesign it Botswana got exactly wat they wanted why force us if we don’t want it. @emmanueltmberi

A kit is an identity. Those are not Zimbabwe colours. Red is too predominant, or Zifa are mourning the August 1 shooting victims. @learn_kamuduhwa

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