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STAR dancer Selemane “Majuice” Mpochi appear to have turned into a target of abuse by fans who attend Alick Macheso’s shows.

The fans seem to want to teach him a lesson that he is not bigger than the Orchestra Mberikwazvo brand.

This was quite evident during their show at the just-ended Castle Tankard Horse Race.

Fans could be heard singing “Macheso ndiye anorira” when the superstar artist finished his slot.

Majuice returned to Orchestra Mberikwazvo recently after a month-long suspension that saw him being forced into making a public apology.

As a closing rendition, the band’s lead chanter, Jonasi Kasamba, also sang “Siyanai Naye Macheso” with fans, singing along to the track.

Some critics feel the band is targeting some of Macheso’s copycats, who want to force him into a tiff.

The camp says it remains firm on its decisions, including postponing the superstar’s 13th album launch.

It was moved from June 7 to August 2 at Alex Sports Club.

At the Castle Tankard, the band delivered a memorable show at Borrowdale Race Course where different stars shared the stage.

Rising star Master H continues to impress and is clearly a darling of the fans.

He performed his verse of Gore remix and songs like Dhanzi, Kufamba Nekutenda and Nawanadem, among others, which were all a hit with  the fans,

Chanter Freeman, who was also part of the event, had a good day in office, serenading fans with some of his popular hits.

The Castle Tankard stage was also transformed into a ghetto affair when DJ Fantan and his Chillspot family put up a polished act.

Organisers say both the main event and the after party went according to expectations.

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