Fantan loses deal. . . gets backlash from followers

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Fantan loses deal. . . gets backlash from followers DJ Fantan at Mbare Magistrate’s Court


Curtworth Masango

THERE is always a cost to chaos.

H-Metro has it on good authority that a leading Zimbabwean organisation, which entered into a promotional deal with DJ Fantan and Chillspot Records, have terminated it on account of the controversy surrounding his domestic violence act.

This publication has been informed that the chiefs at the organisation no longer want to associate with DJ Fantan.

Chillspot Records, where DJ Fantan is a co-owner, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.

DJ Fantan was also heavily criticised by his followers on social media after he tried to clear his name following his appearance in court over domestic violence.

Fantan posted court papers in which he is facing malicious damage to property charges.

He was trying to hoodwink his followers that he was not abusing his wife.

However, malicious damage to property falls under the Domestic Violence Act, the same charges H-Metro reported when the story was broken.

His followers, however, condemned the chanter for his behaviour.

l Below are some of the


Whether it’s emotional or physical, you are a wife abuser! You can only fool yourself. So you are blowing your own horn for destroying home furniture? – Chichi Sabeta.

At the end of the day you need to take a chill pill, humble yourself, apologise to your wife and family and fix this mess. Right now you’re showing signs of a Narcissist. – Ellite King Solomon

Some rumours don’t need to be addressed, this is evidence that you are an abuser and you are doing nothing but adding flames to the fire. We acknowledge receipt of confirmation that you Fantan abused your wife and you are a 100 percent violent man who is sorely involved in domestic violence. Please be exemplary, you are a public figure. – Ropafadzo Muridzi.

You don’t have to raise your hand to abuse someone. Playing games with your wife’s mental health is even worse. People commit suicide or end up going insane because of psychological abuse. Kusatonyara kuposta evidence which confirms your ignorance. – Lindie Wenyika.

Whether the docket mentioned it or not I pity women who defend the brutality they suffer from their spouses and also the selective documentation of dockets to conceal open crimes. –  Clive Munyangadzi.

Just because you see your wife as household property you included her in destroying cups and plates and you still have the b***s to try to defend that act. – Trigger Manyemwe.

Breaking household things after a short misunderstanding it’s another form of GBV. – Achieve Mangwende.

Violent behaviour, malicious damage to property shows you were fighting. My bro we knew there was no smoke without fire, admit and apologise to your followers and stop fighting with the media, no one is bigger than the media. – Manu Tanaka Sande Baker.

You have simply vindicated H-Metro. You should have just kept quiet. Unonyanyadzisa Fantan. – Mr Lanny Dymand.

That action you took is the most brutal of all assaults. You’re in no position of justifying such an act of weakness. It shows kuti you are just a baby in a responsible man’s body. You have shown the world how manipulative you are towards your wife. It means this has been ongoing for a long time. – Goodhope Tunhuma.

On the contrary, you actually owe an apology to the people who support you for sharing your dirty laundry . . . many people respect you and you know well that you are a public figure and having charges against you for violence doesn’t reflect good on you and your brand so before claiming that H-Metro owes you an apology, maybe ask for an apology to your followers and by the way, when you shared this report, you validated H-Metro’s claims when they said you had beaten your wife, after all the fact still remains and you have just proved it that there was indeed an altercation between you and your wife. Dai hako usina kuburitsa this report dai uri pa benefit of doubt.  – Samson Chifamba.

It’s not only raising your hand which is classified as abuse. Destroying stuff is traumatic and it is emotional abuse. No defence here. H-Metro is totally on point. – Zvikomborero Dube.

MDP is not the proper charge Cde. Its Domestic Violence. When you break the plates of your spouse it is different from breaking your neighbour’s plates. You are just exposing the police. Domestic violence is not only physical but psychological and emotional. H-Metro is right, you abused your wife. – Lancelot Tsikira.

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