Farmer empowers inmates with piggery skills

Latwell Nyangu

A FARMER, Nicholas ‘Fulcrum’ Karikoga, is empowering inmates in Manicaland with piggery skills.

Fulcrum, who runs Fulcrum Piggery Productions and consultancy, has helped over 30 inmates so far.

He offers free training to inmates, and those who are not in prison, and his work has been endorsed by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services.

Fulcrum teaches people how to process meat from pig products, such as sausages, mince, malany bacon and salami.

“I am training different inmates on how to do piggery and I call it a Tri-Project, which includes chicken and fish projects too,” he said.

Fulcrum said he has conducted piggery lessons at Mutare Remand, Rusape Prison, Mutare Farm, Nyazura Prison and Chipinge.

“It was just a dream that came around 2019 when I got interested in piggery through online lessons. It was very expensive since we had been struck by Covid-19.

“I remember at some point selling one of my first cars to sustain my family before I sold my second car to start my piggery project. 

“I am now qualified as a piggery farmer which has helped me to impart proper skills.”

“It’s mostly piggery, although I have something to do with poultry. After one week they graduate, food and stationery I provide.

“I really appreciate the support I am getting from the prisons and I have managed to unite the prisoners and their families, it’s so touching.

“It’s going to be a continuous thing, and the prisons have pledged to support me throughout.

“I am touching children, families, prisons officers and if prisons give me the opportunity, I can go far. I am now looking for partners to help push this great dream.”

The philanthropist is looking for partners to help push his initiatives further and is reaching out to people like Wicknell Chivhayo, Nyaradzo Funeral Services and Tinashe Mutarisi for a helping hand.

“It will be a great pleasure to work with people like Sir Wicknell Chivhayo, Tinashe Mutarisi, Nyaradzo Funeral Services or anyone to come on board and help this ship go far.

“I am not ending on these initiatives; I also help to look after those female inmates with children.

“I also give them some food, donate pads to the girls who are vulnerable and I also hold some tournaments which I sponsor and can’t forget Mrs Mashazhike who support our team Fulcrum Piggery Productions and consultancy.

“Manicaland province Chief Superintendent Mr Ukama also deserves a thank you for all of his support as well as Madam Zhowelehe Manicaland rehab senior Officer.”

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