Farmers encouraged to cross breed livestock

24 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Farmers encouraged to cross breed livestock Permanent Secretary Dr John Basera launching the Boran Quarantine Centre


Eltina Chagonda

FARMERS have been advised to cross breed their livestock, especially the Boran cattle, to attain best breeds in Zimbabwe.

Agriculture, Lands,Water, Fisheries and Rural Development Permanent Secretary, Dr John Basera, made the call during the launch of the Boran Quarantine Centre.

“The quarantine centre will help us have new genetics as these centres act as hubs for sources of genetics improvement and they aid in lowering spread of livestock diseases.

“The Boran Quarantine Centre will accommodate around 20 cattle where a thousand of semen straws can be extracted from one bull which will enable us to export genetics to other countries.

“As the Government, we are running a long-term programme of dipping livestock to protect them from various diseases.

“We have around 4000 dip tanks where 2900 are the only ones functioning, therefore, we have to curb diseases such as ‘January Disease’ by dipping our cattle and we are going to make sure that all dip tanks are resuscitated.

“Another programme is providing, at least, one kilogramme of tick grease to each household.

“We are targeting one million households to receive the tick grease so that we can save our farmers’ livestock,” he added.

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