Fashion designer with a difference

Faith Mandizha

IN recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed the emergence of talented designers who are redefining the genre and presenting unique perspectives.

Among these talented designers is the award-winning entrepreneur, Danayi Madondo, who is making waves with her label, Haus of Stone.

With a focus on strong visual storytelling, and a knack for transporting viewers into new realms, Haus of Stone is cementing its place as a truly unique brand in the fashion industry.

Speaking to H-Metro, Madondo said:

 “Haus of Stone creates visual campaigns that speak to our culture in a nuanced and contemporary way and we don’t follow trends because they can be fickle and change like the wind.

“Instead, we opt for an aesthetic that is understated, timeless, and has subtle drama and we are more interested in developing aesthetics that can blend well with your existing wardrobe, but still have a unique X-factor that elevates basics into high-fashion styles.

 “We live in a world with flawed mind-sets and attitudes but I try to focus on how I am going to conduct myself in that space and stay focused on the bigger picture. 

“I also count my low moments in life as learning experiences,” said Madondo.

While Madondo has achieved recognition and acclaim internationally, she has also faced challenges within her own country.

She believes, at times, there is a lack of appreciation for her unique style and alternative approach to fashion. 

Zimbabwean talents are only recognised after they have gained success on international platforms. 

 “Attitude is a hindrance to the development of the arts and culture sector for the creatives that belong to it and another area that needs to be addressed is how people perceive artists within Zimbabwe.

“It’s often seen as a hobby and society often wants to minimise the value or our contribution to the economy.

“Yet, if we turned to pay enough attention to the sphere of arts and culture, we could be having millions if not billions of dollar exports just from that sector alone,” she said.

Madondo is currently planning to launch The Hotbox Sessions, an exclusive event for her loyal clientele. 

It will feature different artistic disciplines, showcasing and celebrating the incredible work of artists who are doing amazing things in the arts and culture sphere.

 For the Haus of Stone showroom, they are also partnering with brands such as Patch Maokoe Zimbabwe, Boheika, Paper Pieces, Raah London, and Handcraft Zimbabwe, among others.

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