FC Platinum duo optimistic

13 Mar, 2020 - 13:03 0 Views
FC Platinum duo optimistic


Snodia Mikiri, Sports Reporter

WARRIORS and FC Platinum duo of Kelvin Madzongwe and forward Stanley Ngala said they are optimistic their busy schedule won’t affect them.

FC Platinum quartet of Ngala, Madzongwe, Ralph Kawondera and Raphael Mudhuviwa returned to Mandava on Wednesday evening after their training session with the warriors.

They are set to feature on their game against Highlanders on Saturday at Barbourfields before coming back to camp with the rest of the warriors.

They attended training with their team yesterday. The two said it’s a difficult task to play both side but said they are optimistic they will find a solution.

“It’s a bit difficult for us because people will continue learning in our absence but I believe when we came back we will quickly adapt and gel.

“We have few days to learn and adapt to the new coaches philosophy.

“The coach has his certain demands and for us we only have a few days to learn these few tactics.

But we have to utilise the small time we will have to make it meaningful and get the best out of it,” said Ngala.

Madzongwe shared the same sentiments with Ngala but also reiterated they will make it work.

“Our case is different than the others. We are still trying to get the combinations and improve the fitness levels of the players.

“The situation demands us to be at our best, It’s part of the game and we have no option. But the guys that will be here (Harare) they will be learning more of what the coach wants.

“But as players we have to try to balance the two and make it work. We have to try as players and do our best to get the job done.

“We have to find a solution to this and try our level best to cover the ground when we came back and get in pace with the rest of the guys,” said Madzongwe.

Ngala has hailed the call up saying it opens more doors for him. He is excited with his first call up.

“The camp has been okay, I cannot complain, it’s my first time and the welcome was overwhelming.

“I am happy for the call up, it means everything. I have learnt a lot and I am looking forward to learn more. Learning is an unending process.

“As a new guy you will nervous and excited at the same time but we will try to work hard and make sure we cover the gap,” added the former Hwange star.

Madzongwe said the team is equally good and will get the positive results for the nation.

“The past few days has been okay, we are learning. We should have more time since we are learning a new philosophy.

“But so far I think we are like half done. Everyone who is here, deserves to be here.

“We all have to play our part well and that is the only way we can achieve more, together,” added Madzongwe.


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