Feel shame, Sunningdale parents

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Feel shame, Sunningdale parents


27 June 2018

The story of parents and guardians demonstrating against alleged Satanism and corruption which they said was rampant at the school made sad reading.

For parents, who sent their children to a school and paid fees to wake up early and block the same pupils from entering the school is probably the biggest paradox of the term.

They had allegations of Satanism because two children got sick over the past year. They had allegations of corruption against the deputy head with zero evidence to back the allegations.

And even if they had such evidence, there is a school development association or a parents association that should formally air those grievances without affecting the pupils’ learning time. And more importantly without affecting the pupils psychologically by scarring them into thinking there is some devilish spirit haunting their school.

Parents should be better than this.

There have been far too many Satanism concerns doing rounds in this country lately. From students flying to pupils turning into vampires or snakes or snakes entering into scholars’ mouths or students waking up covered in blood – the stories have been numerous. And all the time the evidence to back these outrageous allegations is zilch.

Some years ago there were stories of students from a primary school in Mufakose reportedly flying like birds in the air or being hit by invisible things, bleeding after seeing floating hands or fainting from prayers or seeing shadows or snakes was one of the first such incidents.

Parents were claiming that their children were being recruited into Satanism and the school even had a register of the students that were involved which was reportedly locked in the head’s office.

Parents alleged that the head was protecting that church and their children were suffering as they were being taken into a blue kombi that would take their children to Budiriro and make them drink strange liquids.

Then a year later there were claims that an old man had turned into a snake and entered a Kuwadzana primary school pupil’s mouth in what people again linked to Satanism in Kuwadzana.

Next was the Nhowe Mission incident where a student woke up with a deep cut on the chin and blood all over her clothes and bedding. Again, parents claimed that the head is involved.

Then there was another claim from Hatcliffe where a teacher reportedly gave two students wrist bands belonging to a popular church before they allegedly developed fur and vampire teeth respectively.

Most – if not all – of the above claims have never been proved or substantiated. The media has not been able to capture anyone transform into another creature or a snake enter a boy’s mouth or students flying in the air like Harry Potter.

What the media has recorded and reported are mere claims with very little facts like the Sunningdale issue.

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