Maria Chiguvari

SONGBIRD Feli Nandi is focussing on the power of words in her new song.

The new song is titled ‘Muti Watemwa.’

Speaking through manager Connie Mazani, her camp said:

“It’s a new single, the song talks about how we should be careful with our words and be mindful of the everlasting damage caused by hurtful words.

“So, the song explains that it is wise not to say anything when emotions are heated up.”

For Feli Nandi, these are days of her life as she has been receiving massive love from her fans.

Her passion for music is evident in every live performance.

Her fans can attest to the fact that she genuinely cares about them, as she always takes time to interact with them on a very personal level.

Feli Nandi’s music focuses on social issues like love and heartbreaks.

She was the star attraction when the Doek & Slay party rolled into Mutare on Sunday.

She has become part of the party and will again perform at the Doek & Slay event in Gweru on Sunday.

“I think what is helping her is that she keeps away from controversy and fans love celebrities like that,” said a local promoter.

“Fans want to read about the good things that celebrities are doing.

“Here, I think Feli scores about 9 out of 10, if not 10 out of 10 but we all know that it’s hard for a human being to get a perfect score.”

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