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16 August 2018

Apostle Esnath Mudzonga

TRINITY International Ministries leader Apostle Esnath Mudzonga was left calling for new converts after her congregation abandoned her over infidelity allegations, H-Metro is informed.

Apostle Mudzonga is being accused of luring married men during counselling sessions after exposing their wives’ weaknesses.

The church board is reported to have called Apostle Mudzonga to answer the allegations where she failed to respond and told the members to leave her ministry.

In protest the congregation ripped off part of the church structures last Sunday, collected the PA system and some of the church furniture, impeccable sources told H-Metro.

“Apostle Mudzonga has been challenging women over their marriages and from time to time he would ask couples to meet her and stories we heard were that she would end up falling in love with the married men,” said one of the board members who asked for anonymity.

“The congregation was angered by what the Apostle said after being confronted over the issue. She told the congregation that people were free to leave her ministry since God has anointed her to the position and that no one had power to reprimand her.

“The statement did not go well with the congregation and they decided to take what they had pledged and donated with some removing roofing sheets and PA system.

“About five women reported that Apostle was cheating with their husbands claiming to be good in bed and attacking women over their marriage obstacles.

“The church board has been protecting her for some time but the congregation was awash with the story forcing the leaders to confront her.

“She was left with less than ten people that by now she is putting on evangelistic sandals to preach and have new converts,” revealed the source.

Contacted for comment, Apostle Mudzonga could neither confirm nor deny the allegations saying her accusers wanted to start their own ministries.

“It is true that my PA system and part of the ministry property was taken by church members who want to start their own ministry,” said Apostle Mudzonga.

“As for the allegations I have nothing to say ingonyorai zvamaudzwa nevakufonerai ini handina chekutaura,” said Apostle Mudzonga before hanging the phone.

Apostle Mudzonga is reported to have started the Trinity International Ministries after the passing on of her husband.

She got married to another man and the marriage is reported to have lasted less than a year after she was caught cheating with a UK-based pastor.a

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