Ferdinand issues John Terry ultimatum

Anton Ferdinand has invited John Terry to sit down with him and watch back unedited footage of the incident that saw the former England captain found guilty of racial abuse.

Terry, 43, was accused of calling Ferdinand a “f**ing black c**” during a Premier League fixture between Chelsea and QPR back in 2011.

He was found not guilty of a racially-aggravated public order offence during a criminal trial as the prosecution were unable to prove he had used those words to insult Ferdinand. Terry was, however, found guilty of racially abusing Ferdinand by an FA independent regulatory commission and subjected to a four-match ban and a £220,000 fine.

While Terry did not appeal the verdict at the time, he recently insisted he had not been given a ‘fair trial’ by the FA during a discussion with Simon Jordan, where he also revealed neither Anton or his brother, Rio, speak to him.

He told William Hill’s ‘Up Front With Simon Jordan’ podcast: “I go into Wembley on the first day and my lawyers and myself demand evidence to be in, that was in the court of law, and it was refused – literally and blatantly.

“So we then have an hour’s meeting outside of that. Board members are refused entry to come and give evidence backing me and telling their side of the story. So right from the outset it wasn’t going to be a fair trial, clearly.

“They’d made up their mind right from the outset, in my mind. Did I feel like it was fair going into it? Did I want to put myself through four days of absolute hell again? No I didn’t.”

Ferdinand, whose older brother played alongside Terry for England, has now reacted to those comments on social media, revealing that the former Chelsea star decided not to participate in a documentary on the incident.

He then said he would be willing to sit down with Terry to watch and discuss the incident – but only if the sit-down was done in front of live cameras.

Speaking on the Five YouTube channel, he said: “As you know, I’ve done a documentary for the BBC which stated all the facts. He actually declined coming on. I wanted him on there to create positive change.

“I’ve seen what he’s had to say on Simon Jordan’s podcast, so my thing is this: if you really want to make positive change, I’ll sit down with you, with live cameras rolling so there’s nowhere for us to hide, we’ll look at the actual footage, unblurred, and we’ll start from there. If you don’t want to talk about it like that, as far as I’m concerned, the case is closed – Mirror


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