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ALICK Macheso’s homecoming show at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex on Saturday will go a long way in fostering peace and harmony among feuding siblings.

Tongai Moyo’s sons – Peter and Tongai Moyo Junior –  have been at loggerheads for years but this is set to become a thing of the past as they meet in Chitungwiza.

Mark and Tindo Ngwazi will also be expected to bury the hatchet, according to event organisers.

The only siblings getting along are Macheso’s sons, Esau and Tatenda, who are working as a unit at Cheso Boys.

In an interview with H-Metro, event coordinator, Jack Radics, said Macheso’s homecoming party was meant to unite sungura artists, especially warring parties.

“Sungura is no doubt one of the biggest genres you can think of in Zimbabwe since it has churned out stars who gave us timeless classics.

“We want these siblings to unite and work as a team.  

“Peter Moyo and his younger brother, Tongai Junior, are now cool and, as event planners, we want to be remembered as the people who brought sanity to the creative sector.

“In this case, Peter and his young brother Tongai Jr, Mark and Tindo as well as Esau and Tatenda have a big task ahead to show us they believe in unity,” he said.

Added Jack:

“Without any doubt, the youngsters in this line-up have the potential to show Zimbabwe what is in store for them.”

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