FIFA regret migrant worker’s death

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DOHA. — FIFA say they are “deeply saddened” following the death of a migrant worker at a World Cup facility in Qatar.

The Filipino national fell to his death while carrying out repairs at a resort used as a training base by the Saudi Arabian team, The Athletic reported.

The tournament’s supreme committee said the worker was “not working under its remit” and the incident took place “on property not under its jurisdiction”. The matter is now being investigated by the Qatari authorities.

FIFA said they were made aware of an accident and was in touch with the local authorities to request more details.

“FIFA are deeply saddened by this tragedy and our thoughts and sympathies are with the worker’s family,” said football’s world governing body.

“FIFA will be in a position to comment further once the relevant processes in relation to the worker’s passing have been completed.”

Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers has been one of the main controversies overshadowing the build-up to the World Cup.

A statement on behalf of the supreme committee read: “Due to the incident referred to having taken place on property not under the jurisdiction of the SC, and the deceased working as a contractor not under the remit of the SC, this matter is being handled by the relevant government authorities.

“The SC is following up with the same relevant authorities to ensure we are updated with developments pertaining to the investigation on a regular basis and has established contact with the family of the deceased to ensure relevant information is conveyed.” BBC Sport.

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