Fight over vending space

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Fight over vending space THIS man gets a mouthful from an illegal trader after confronting her over vending space


Paul Pindani in CHINHOYI

THERE was drama at Chinhoyi main bus terminus when vendors engaged in a row that nearly degenerated into a fistfight over control of vending space on Tuesday.

The drama occurred around 8am when a licensed vendor engaged in an altercation with a non-licensed trader, resulting in other vendors gathering around his vending space.


However, this did not go very well with the said woman who refused to vacate saying the spot was hers. This incensed the man who sought to assault her, but was restrained by other illegal vendors who had come to the aid of their colleague.


“Ibvai pano nokuti hamuna rezinesi rokunge muchitengesa pano. Hofisi yakatsekera haitombokuzivai. Mai imi musafarise munotonhorerwa ndakurovai,” said the vendor.


However, the woman was undeterred by the man’s threats.


“Mundikwanire. Handipindirwe muchechi negejo,” she responded, much to the laughter of the crowd.


A municipal sweeper who was nearby calmed the situation by telling the illegal vendors to move away as they risked being arrested.


“It is for your own good that I advise you to look for another place since priority is being given to those with licences,” said the sweeper, who refused to be identified for professional reasons.


The illegal vendors, sensing defeat, then retreated to another vending space. A council health inspector who preferred to be anonymous told H-Metro that council had licensed vendors as a measure to maintain order in the town.


“We have licensed vendors so as to maintain order in the town. We only recognise vendors with permits.


“Those without are committing an offence and will be dealt with during enforcement carried out by the municipal police, at times in conjunction with the ZRP,” he said.

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