Fight to break stigma against people living with albinism

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Fight to break stigma against people living with albinism Bruce Nyoni


Christine Chinhanhu

THE Albino Trust of Zimbabwe is working with different organisations to create more community awareness, with regards to albinism, so that there is an inclusive and user-friendly society which appreciates diversity.

The trust’s director, Bruce Nyoni, said awareness will allow sustainable development.

“This is important as it would allow sustainable development in our country since nobody will be left behind.

“This has disproportionately affected them, as far as economic empowerment is concerned, as they are facing lower chances of being employed.

“We feel that regardless of some being qualified, we also have some who are not employed because they are not meeting the standards,” he said.

The Trust has worked with other institutions of higher and tertiary education, including the University of Zimbabwe and Midlands State University, to ensure that those who do not have enough qualifications improve their qualifications.

“We would like to thank the Government for availing the Basic Education Assistant Module (BEAM) to ensure that they empower this community from primary and secondary level and tertiary level, too.

“The Ministry of Social Services has been playing a role to ensure that they get scholarships to advance their careers up to university level,” said Nyoni.

“One percent (of jobs) at bigger entities must be reserved for people with albinism and, if possible, one or two percent in the government institutions.

“Through NDS1, there is the issue of economic empowerment, where loans are going to be availed.

“I think such initiatives will also be good if a certain percentage is reserved for this community because it is not everyone who is academically competent, qualified or gifted to the extent that they can be employed,” said Nyoni.

He said he would want employers, who are persons with albinism, as this will go a long way in challenging stigma and discrimination.

“Those who live in the urban settings have been enjoying more benefits as compared to those in the rural and hard-to-reach areas.”

“Persons with albinism are part of the society, they have been part of the society.

“They will be with this community for long and what is important is for the society to learn how to live with them in harmony as they are part of humanity,” he said.

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