Finally, Mahachi speaks out, denies scalding his son

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Finally, Mahachi speaks out, denies scalding his son Kudakwashe Mahachi


Innocent Kurira

Sports Reporter

WARRIORS forward, Kudakwashe Mahachi, has denied allegations of scalding his four-year-old son with boiling water and has threatened legal action in a bid to be allowed access to the boy.

Mahachi, through his lawyers Tanaka Law Chambers, represented by Nkosiyabo Sibanda, said authorities at Mpilo Central Hospital, and his ex-wife Maritha Ndlovu, have barred him from seeing the child.

Ndlovu accused the Warriors’ star of abusing their son and scalding him with water in South Africa before smuggling him back to Zimbabwe.

She alleged the child was being treated for third degree burns at Mpilo Hospital.

Mpilo Central Hospital acting chief executive, Professor Solwayo Ngwenya, recently told the media they had enforced stringent security measures around the child, as he was a key witness in his own case, and knows who harmed him.

Sibanda told the media yesterday Mahachi was adamant the child was not smuggled into Zimbabwe and left South Africa in good health.

“The child was never burnt and at the point of being sent to Zimbabwe he was in good health,” Sibanda said.

He could not be drawn into revealing Mahachi’s present location.

“Regarding matters of him being in Zimbabwe, l will not want to comment because you are aware of stories that have been on social media and threats that he has received publicly.

“So, l will not want to comment on that matter.”

He said Mahachi is being tormented by the stories in the media painting him in a bad light.

“Our client wishes to advise the public on the allegations that have been levelled against him through various media platforms.

“Firstly, our client wishes to indicate that he loves his son and what he has seen circulating on various platforms is unfortunate, worrisome and it has tormented him as deeply as it exposed his son’s medical condition, which ought to have been private, but has been made public.

“On the allegations that our client scalded the minor, he wishes to state that he never did such an act to his only son and the stories that he is responsible are a fabrication, malicious and are designed to tarnish him as a successful international footballer with a desire to end the career of Mahachi. 

“With what has happened, our client advises further that he will soon take the legal route to protect his son first and, secondly, he will be approaching the courts to deal with the issue of his image.”

Sibanda added:

“Regarding his son, our client advises that he has tried all efforts to do the fatherly duties towards the minor by providing primary care, medical care and, in this instance, our client engaged two medical doctors, who are specialists in matters of children’s health.

“The two medical practitioners were barred from assessing the minor child and to provide further medical health care.

“Our client is of the view that there are people who are benefiting from the false narrative that has been sold to the public.”

Sibanda said Mahachi has requested his son’s medical report without any success.

Mahachi was suspended by his South African club, SuperSport United, to enable him to attend to his family matters.

“What is worrying our client is that some broadcaster has gone live on various platforms and claimed that he has had access to the medical report, has had access to the minor child, has interviewed the minor child, yet he is being denied.

“Our client advises that his focus is on the health of the minor child and will pursue this matter via appropriate legal channels.

“Our client advises that he never ‘burnt’ his only son. The narrative that has been sold to the public is regrettable as it is riddled with falsehoods and malicious contents.”

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