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MOKOOMBA appear to be finally winning the hearts of local fans judging by the big turnout at their homecoming gig held at Alliance Francaise in Harare on Friday.

The group, which spent the whole month of April in the United States, has been struggling to woo big numbers on home turf, something which has been a cause for concern to the group’s management.

The Victoria Falls musical ensemble struck the right chords on Friday after playing before a cosmopolitan crowd.

There was literally no parking space outside Alliance Francaise as some fans ended up leaving their vehicles at nearby flats.

Last year, Mokoomba spokesperson, Marcus Gora, told H-Metro they were doing their best to attract numbers on home soil.

“We admit that we are yet to reach the level we want as far as attracting big numbers is concerned.

“Today’s show was sold out and there was no space for extra fans as you can see.

“We have been working hard as a team to make sure that we attract big numbers on home ground as we normally do overseas.”

He added:

“We want the group to attract big crowds at home as was the case tonight (last Friday).

“It’s quite encouraging when you see local fans appreciating their talent.

“Of course, we are big overseas but we also want to achieve the same feat at home. 

“We have been working hard on the marketing side and it is now paying off for us as we are beginning to reap the rewards for our hard work.”

Their performance was superb.

Last month, the group toured the US where they held a series of shows in Williamstown, Massachusetts, New York, Miami, Vermont, Indianapolis and Los Angeles.

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