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FIO GETS ITS CLUB. . . Killer T anoints Club Zone launch

08 Dec, 2022 - 00:12 0 Views
FIO GETS ITS CLUB. . . Killer T anoints Club Zone launch Killer T


Entertainment Reporter

FOR Highfield, it’s a huge investment.

Killer T will bring the house down on day-long celebrations which are being held in the historic suburb to mark the official opening of Club Zone in Highfield.

The celebrations start in the morning.

Strategically located at Machipisa Shopping Centre, the exquisite joint has become a big attraction even before it has been officially opened.

What has raised the appeal of the joint, even before its official opening, is the quality of service which the owners have promised to offer.

Promises of class, elegance and hospitable staff have all contributed to make the joint hit, with the city’s big spenders, even before it has opened its doors.

The JB Family are behind this new joint.

According to the itinerary, it will be a rare moment in the ghetto where a red carpet will be rolled out for the  official opening.

 “As we promised earlier this week, Club Zone will officially open its doors on Thursday and we will fulfil our promises.

“Some of the capital’s big spenders will be there  and we want people to meet their idols and big spenders during the official opening.

“We want to adopt the Club Konka model where we are not hosting live bands but mainly DJs,” said the club’s representative.

Added the representative:

“It we are to host an artist, it has to be those playing laidback music and DJs.

“Being situated in the ghetto, we want to prove a point that we can still bring class here in the high density suburbs.

“We are going to maintain the standards required of modern day clubbing.

“In short, Club Zone is the only place to be on Thursday.”

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