Firm Faith Zimbabwe targets the region

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4 June 2018

SEVENTH Day Adventist acapella group, Firm Faith Zimbabwe, on Saturday launched their seventh album titled One Day At Time and they said they will be taking the music to the people.

The group’s music director Marshal Matsilele said they have a number of regional tours as part of their quest to go international.

He said they are not forgetting their local following and they will be targeting a number of areas.

”The album is out and we will be taking it to the people. Our quest is to go international and we are staring with the region, Southern Africa. We will be going to Zambia on June 30, we also have another tour of South Africa and Zambia again. We will be advising of others as they come.

“We have our followers locally and they will be seeing us in their areas. This is what we have lined up so far,” he said.

Matsilele said they are also working on a DVD project to increase their visibility.

“We have also lined up a journey to work on the visuals. We will have the best from the previous album Whispering Hope and combine with some from this album. Seven is a significant figure biblically, it means complete and we are giving our followers and all acapella music lovers a complete project,” he said.

Speaking on the album, Matsilele said, “This is someone who is content with whatever situation they are in, trusting in God, saying I will take the day as it is, one day at a time and God will improve my situation.”

Songs on the album include Amazing Love, the title track One Day At A Time, Wagadzirira Here, Mucheki Mukuru and Wang’thula Umtwalo among others.

“We came up with 14 songs and we believe they will bring joy, relief and hope to the listeners. We worked with Sharon Manyonganise on this project and we are happy and appreciate her contribution,” he said.

Firm Faith have also launched a kids project which also performed at the launch among other groups such as Shower Power.

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