Talent Gore

IMPALA Car Hire, Doves and Schweppes provided retirees at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital with an assortment of groceries as an early Christmas gift and a way of honouring their loyalty to the hospital.

The hampers included items like maize-meal, cooking oil, sugar, washing soaps, teabags, and a 20-litre buckets, among others.

The retirees served at the hospital for over 35 years, providing invaluable service to patients and staff.

Hopewell Mungani, the hospital’s clinical director, expressed appreciation for the retirees’ selfless service and thanked the sponsors for their continued support throughout the year.

“It is always an honour and pleasure to be among people who have served for more than 35 years at the institution,” said Mungani.

“We commend the work that was done by our retirees and they have managed to work in all different environments. They could have left for greener pastures, but they decided to stand with the hospital.

“We have a lot of skilled people and we hope the retirees are going to impart their skills to those who are staying behind. They have set a high standard which we hope their successors will emulate.”

Impala Car Hire marketing manager, Linda Manyau, said they were honoured to be part of the partners of Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.

“This is something that holds fond memories for the founding director, the late Dondo, as well as our current CEO, who is also the co-founder because this is where they started,” she said.

“They did their internship at the hospital until they moved on to other stages in life. We are so excited to have partnered for this programme and we will continue to support Sally Mugabe Hospital.”

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