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FIRST Farai insists he is still in the game and this Saturday the burly singer unveils his 17th album titled Dzinodhonza Ngoro.

Dzinodhonza Ngoro is the sungura artiste’s new motto as he seeks to weather all storms at a time fellow artistes have either fallen by the wayside or sunk into oblivion.

And to show his commitment, the 41-year-old who has been in the game for more than two decades, says he would not give up even when the going gets tough.

Born Aliah Mwanambo, the Hurudza Express boss reckons he has struck right chords on this album which comes on the heels of yet another successful project Earthquake-Chandengenda released last year.

Being his early Christmas present, Dzinodhonza Ngoro carries six tracks of superior quality namely Mbudzi inodya payakasungirirwa, I Have Moved On, Kochekera, Nguva Inonetsa, Rutendo Rwemunhu and the title track.

“It’s no secret that the going is now tough nowadays so I decided to name my album Dzinodhonza Ngoro.

“By its Shona meaning, only the courageous ones and hardworking people can survive during the times we are living in.

“As someone who solely depend on music, I can’t quit because music comes first.

“As for other projects that I pursue for a living, it was music which laid the foundation,” he said.

Recorded at Trutone Studios by revered producer Jabulani Ndlovu, the Hurudza Express says he decided to hold a free launch for the sake of his real fans.

“Over the years, we would launch our albums in the CBD where some of our fans cannot afford to come.

“This time around, we decided to launch it in Fio (Highfield) at an open air venue so that we can meet our real fans who cannot afford buys fare to travel to the elite launches that we used to hold,” he said.

To ensure it’s purely a sungura night not to be missed, First Farai who visited our offices accompanied by two of this handlers – Bruno Mhembere and Teddy Ndibhwo – said he has invited equally talented artistes at the launch to provide cover.

These comprise Romeo Gasa, Howard and Tatenda Pinjsi, Mark Ngwazi, Jah Jecha and Tendai Dembo.

Eastern Igwe Brian Samaita is the guest speaker at the event where Dr Johannes Marisa will be the guest of honour.

Besides Dr Marisa,  Itai  and  Regis Munhenzva are some of the invited guests along with Blessing Boyi Boyi who are sponsoring the launch.

Back to his latest album, the former Music Crossroads Interregional winner   has worked with talented artistes this album.

These comprise Willard Lot who played the lead guitar, Emmanuel Mupariwa (rhythm), Emmanuel Sajeni (bass guitar) and drummer Moses Masangano.

Frist Farai did both the lead and backing vocals.

Besides Dzinodhonza, he also boasts of other albums like Chandengenda – Earthquake released last year, Zvandakuitirai Izvi (2002), Zvipo Netariro (2003), Maximum Voltage (2005), Tiritose Mundima Machinda (2006), Mbanga Mbanga (2007/8), Ngingo Ngingo (2009), Dinga Tinga Experience (2010), Huhwada Experience (2011), Pahasha Love Market (2013) and Mukonon’ono released in 2015.

He also married to Liliosa Kaputa and the couple is blessed with three children Kirk, Kayla and Kiara.

Besides music, he doubles as a farmer in Mash West even though the going is now tough.

First Farai brags he has acquired a lot throng music.

He is on record having told this publication that he has managed achieve fame, good family, build two houses in Chinhoyi and also developing another one in Chitungwiza.

He also owns a farm called Fox Farm in Mhangura where he specialises on soya beans, maize and potatoes among other crops.

However, it is the album Dzinodhonza Ngoro where First Farai’s mojo as a giant will once again be scrutinised.









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