Fitness trainers tackle men’s health

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Fitness trainers tackle men’s health Some of the participants at the prostate cancer awareness and prevention campaign


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

A clique of fitness trainers recently came together to raise an awareness campaign on prostate cancer as a way to encourage them to get screened in time.

The campaign was held courtesy of Celo Fitness whose founder trains athletes and raise awareness on health issues.

Marcelo (centre)

In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Celo Fitness manager Sandra Mapinde,said:


“It was a prostate cancer awareness and prevention campaign and everyone had to wear blue as it is the colour for prostate cancer.


“We ran the campaign under the banner ‘Movember’ which is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness on men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide.

“The whole reason for this event was to spark a conversation for men’s health issues particularly prostate cancer.


“To show men in our lives (dads, husbands, friends, sons, etc) that we love and care for them,” she said.

She said as the Celo Fitness they are prepared to engage with other activists, Government and NGOs to promote synergies, maximise awareness and avoid duplication of efforts.


“Men lives matter, men should speak-out and they should see doctors to get screened.


“Living with prostate cancer can considerably affect a men’s physical and mental well-being hence we urge people to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.


“Prevention is better than cure and we closed our ‘Movember’ prostate cancer awareness and prevention campaigns in style with our CF ladies wearing fashionable moustaches supporting all men out there.


“We say exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight, prevention is better than cure, don’t be walking dead,” she added.


The trainers recently held a breast cancer awareness and donated proceeds to Cancers Association Zimbabwe. They will also be holding Gender Based Violence awareness event in Bulawayo.


Celo Fitness was founded by Blessing Chisangano who has been calling for living healthy life through fitness.

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