Five winter must-haves

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Five winter must-haves


8 May 2018


The weather hasn’t been predictable lately but one thing is for sure, winter is upon us.

Cold weather has been associated with dark, cool colours hence most people have deemed the season boring but it doesn’t have to be.

Only true fashionistas are fans of it with all its classy looks but the rest prefer summer.

Summer clothing is quite light and affordable but we can’t say the same about winter, for better prices one has to wait for them to be off-season and on sale.

Fashion does not change, it evolves and there is a list of items that you can be sure over years and during winter that you can still look hot in them, pun intended.

The trick is to break the rules and get experimental.

Good ol’ coat

A coat is a coat, that’s all there is to it.

This is a necessity in winter and if you are on a budget you don’t have to worry about “updating” your closet every year to keep up with the trends.

The belief is that winter clothes are expensive but they don’t have to be, the same zip up, collared or double breasted jackets are still going to be the order of the day.

Reigning patterns may change but you can get away with your 1990s favourite.

Scarf galore

The past few years, the infinity scarf was the go-to but it didn’t get rid of the regular scarf. Some people use scarves just as accessories but for winter they are a must have.

The weather can be cruel, sometimes we try to predict it and more often than not we are caught off guard.

The beauty of a scarf is, when you are unsure you can just roll it up and shove it in your bag, just in case it gets cold, no stress.

We like layering clothes but worry the sun might play tricks on us, that’s when this accessory comes in hand.

Pair of boots

I know for sure you have had that pair for the past five years or more so you know exactly what I am talking about.

From knee-highs to ankle boots, you are spoilt for choice but nothing hurts more than knowing that you can’t wear your favourite pair as soon as summers says hello.

The only advantage is you will be saving them up for next winter season and they will still be looking as good as new and just as trendy.

Who would have guessed block heels would be making a comeback? We will probably be seeing a lot of vintage boots this time around.

Beanie hats

You already have the picture, the beauty of these is both men and women can get away with the look.

This is however a tricky accessory as you can go from looking really cute to a hipster wannabe in a matter of seconds.

Tread with caution.

From tightly knit to chunky, beanie hats are a win especially if you are trying to achieve a laid back and casual look.

They work for most occasions but don’t try to be brave when it comes to formal wear. It’s a big no.

…like a glove

Perhaps one of the oldest fashion creations.

Gloves come in variations and are perfect for every occasion because of all the different styles.

You can take a pick from wool or fleece but make sure they are the perfect fit and you have the right pair for the occasion.

Gloves can bring out the Marilyn Monroe in you so don’t be afraid to keep close by in winter lest you get frostbites.

All the above can come in a wide range of prints and shapes but you can’t go through winter without them.

Even when you feel an item has become outdated, it’s okay to be nifty and show off your vintage side.

You don’t always have to part with a penny.

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