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30 October 2018

…cholera concerns raised

Over 500 Four ways mall traders were left in fury after receiving a sudden eviction notice from management yesterday.

The notice, which is said to have been prompted by Harare City council’s call to “temporarily” leave the market until further notice was made yesterday around 10am after the sellers had already set up for the day.

“Please be advised that we are suspending trading operations at Four Ways vendors mall temporarily while addressing issues as per council directive.

“You are therefore immediately required to remove all your wares from the premises and resume trading only after further notice.

“It is with regret that this is done with immediate effect to avoid destruction of property,” read part of the notice.

One of the evicted traders who spoke to H-Metro said they no longer had a place to sell from as they had left the streets and taken Four Ways as their new home of trade.

“We were told to leave with immediate effect, we just saw a notice that was put by the toilets.

“The city council said the facility was not good enough and it promoted cholera but this place has clean toilets and running water.

“They said we could only come back after they negotiate with council,” Baron Foroma said.

A lady who said she had been operating at the mall for a while, Sizitha Khlowa, said it was already difficult to make ends meet being a single mother of three and it had just gotten worse for her.

Khlowa added that she was unsure of the decision the council had made as they had been maintaining the place hygienically.

“We had not really sold anything when we saw the notice.

“We registered our tables when this place was opened, then we used to pay $5 a day and it was increased to $7.

“The situation was bad but it has gotten worse because of the current economic situation, at least then we could afford to buy a loaf of bread,” the Hatfield resident said.

Four Ways was previously being hailed for decongesting the CBD as it is fenced and at the margins of the town centre.

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