Flow Angels duped

25 Mar, 2020 - 18:03 0 Views
Flow Angels duped


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

FLOW Angels have approached the Rainbow Amateur Netball League (RANL) Disciplinary Committee after they were duped by the duo of players – Caroline Dzinesi and Andile Tshuma.

The pair mislead Flow Angels into signing them ahead of the 2020 RANL season claiming there were free agents when they had running contracts with Black Rhinos Queens.

H-Metro understands that the players signed the contract on December 19 2019.

Dzinesi and Tshuma are reported to have returned back to Black Rhinos just before the start of the seaon where they featured in the club’s opening two games before the league was suspended as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of the global pandemic, coronavirus.

And irked by the development, Flow Angels, who are believed to have paid more than RTGS1000 in signing on fees for the two players, then took the matter to RANL executive.

They are yet to receive any joy in their bid to recover their money.

“They came to us saying they are free agents and we offered them contracts and signed. They trained with the team for during the off-season.  We even went on to give them signing on fees as part of our agreement but strangely just before the season starts, they returned back to Rhinos,” an official at Flow Angels told H Metro.

“A letter was written to the RANL executive to inform them of the development and we were surprised to see that the players even played games with Rhinos. It therefore means they signed for two teams.”

RANL secretary general Moses Gukurume confirmed receiving the complaint from Flow Angels saying “it’s now before the league’s disciplinary committee to deal with it.”

“Yes we received a complaint from Flow Angels. And we wrote to Black Rhinos to provide us with papers that shows that the players were signed with them. And before they furnished us with the documents, they went on to use the players,” he said.

H-Metro understands the players featured in Rhinos’ 52-25 win over Support Unit and the 38-42 defeat to Green Fuel.

This was despite being stopped from using the players until the matter is finalised.

“We told them to stop using the players but they continued. We have since taken the matter to the disciplinary committee which will sit to deliberate on the issue. We will get to the bottom of this,” added Gukurume.

Meanwhile, the RANL code of conduct article 4 of registration of players states that: 4.1 Before the commencement of each season each club must register with the RANEL a list of all players belonging to that particular club and which players will be used by the said club for that particular year.

“4.3 In submitting the aforesaid list, every club is obliged to provide the RANEL with two copies of a written contract between the player and the team. Such contract is an undertaking by the player to provide her/his service to the club during that particular season. All contract pages must be initialed and signed by both parties.”

However, in the case that the players are at fault, the code of conduct further explains that in article 6 of contracts, clearance and eligibility.

“A player may not enter into a contract with a different club for the same period of time. In such event, the player shall be placed under suspension immediately by the RANEL upon notification to the Secretary General by one of the clubs concerned.”

The development has, however, exposed the league’s poor administration after failing to pick the anomaly when the two clubs registered the players before the season even started.


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