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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

PHILANTHROPIST and influencer Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa reckons its high time women think outside the box and be their own bosses and sole providers.

She said this ahead of an all-female group Mukadzi Akarongeka’s get together party on Saturday in the capital where they are set to share some groceries they mobilised for the greater part of 2020.

Mahwindo is also the founder and administrator of the group which is set to change the mindset for single women to be innovative.


“On Saturday I am hosting an event at Palm Tree Butchery and Bottle Store where we are celebrating our group called Mudzimai Akarongeka.


“We started it in July this year and we have been contributing some money to buy some groceries for our families.


“We are group of 19 women and one man and I am the leader and founder of the group; most members are based in the United Kingdom and South Africa,” she said.


Mahwindo who has been doing a lot of charity work for the greater part of the Covid-19 induced lockdown opened up on their vision.


“Mukadzi akarongeka means a woman with a family vision in vernacular and that’s how all our members are.


“We have been working on this vision all this time long and on Saturday, we are sharing our groceries after that we are going to drink and eat.


“If  we are lucky Killer T, (Alick) Macheso and Jah Signal might pass through for special appearance,” she said.


Added Mahwindo:


“We would like to thank boss Patson Katanha for accommodating us at his place.


“Palm tree butchery and bottle store is in Bluffhill known as KwaPatson and we thank you so much.”


Mahwindo who is not knew to empowering less privileged members of the society said charity work runs in her DNA.


“I was prompted to come up with this concept – Mukadzi Akarongeka – owing to the good work we are doing at my charity foundation (Mahwindo Foundation) where we work with kids and elders.


“I encourage other women to create groups like ours or to come and join us because group work is always number one especially when it comes to mukando or contributions.


“You save more money by saving your money as a group.


“On that note once again, I would like to thank Patson who has been my friend from the 90s but on this one he did it for the late Ginimbi.


“We were supposed to host it at Dreams so I told him that Dreams reminds me of my late brother and that I am not that comfortable to do an event right because Ginimbi and I were close buddies.


“He then decided to offer us his place free of charge and we are now holding our event at her place,” she said.


Under Mahwindo Foundation, the shrewd hustler has bailed the widowed and elderly people with food hampers in Seke, Kadoma, Chinhoyi, Mbembesi and Banket among others areas.


She has also assisted struggling artistes with food handouts she sourced from friends and corporates.

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