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4 December 2017

OUR lead story on Friday, headlined, “Girl murdered in public . . . Boyfriend commits suicide” reads like a script from a horror movie.

The allegations are that the boyfriend got mad over the fact that his partner refused to let him go through her phone and stabbed her, resulting in her death.

He then proceeded to lock himself in a room and committed suicide.

All because of a moment of madness that he must have regretted even as he stabbed his girlfriend, this man and his lover are dead.

Now he leaves his family with problems of settling the effects of his sin both on a cultural and constitutional level.

We are now seeing more and more violence – even murder – termed crimes of passion.

Every other day there is a story of violence induced by love emotions and what is worrying is the way aggrieved parties feel they have a right to be violent against the adulterous parties.

Some even go as far as murdering the cheat(s) and these stories – with the same script of estranged parties attacking the ones that wronged them in murderous fashion – only change in a few circumstances and names of the perpetrators.

What is sad is the fact that people in their sober minds claim they are capable of anything should they find their partners in compromising positions cheating.

Saying you are capable of anything means you are prepared to murder someone for cheating with your partner.

The sad thing is most of the men who take such a stance have cheated on their partners before but never would they agree that they – or the women they have cheated with – deserve to die for cheating.

Violence, from domestic to protestant violence, must be condemned by everyone who loves peace.

Many minor social matters have turned into murders.

That is tragic proof that a single act of violence – be it a kick, punch or push – can turn tragic quite easily.

Many times people are resorting to violence because they think it’s a way to solve matters or discipline wrongdoers.

The media has been dominated by issues of domestic and other forms of violence triggered mostly by love triangles, fornication and adultery.

Whether it is a man beating up his wife for sex or a woman scalding her husband over consulting a prophet, the media has been awash with issues of domestic violence.

While there is no debate about whether having an affair outside marriage is wrong or acceptable – because everyone knows it is wrong to have an affair or cheat on your partner – people have dealt with the cheating partners and/or their mates in some regrettable ways.

Some affairs, like the story we had on Friday, have led to unfortunate endings with people losing their lives as a consequence.


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