Footballers bonding with family

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Footballers bonding with family Michael Charamba with family


Snodia Mikiri, Sports Reporter
The world might have been robed of it’s normal lifestyle routines due to Covid-19 but some local footballers believe they have managed to have family bonding.
Under normal circumstances, it’s either they are at training, in camp or on the pitch and end up getting few time with family.
Zimbabwe is under the 21 days of lockdown which was put as a measure to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tatenda Makanda with family

Zimbabwe has 10 confirmed cases and one death to date.
Local footballers said the lockdown has given them an opportunity to bond with their families.
Highlanders striker Tinashe Makanda said the lockdown has made him see the other side of his family.
“The lockdown has made us draw closer to our family. Family bonding is being achieved.
“The experience have been great, having an opportunity to spend time with my family and playing with my kids is a blessing.

Ishmael Wadi with family

“The worst experience is when I am forced to play crazy games and when I am reminded to wash my hands every second,” said Makanda.
Makanda said they are worried about their football careers but also said time spend with family is time well spent.
“I have realised that my family misses me when I am not around.
“Life with my family is fun and exciting but it’s also difficult to adjust since football is my life.
“Family and football is where my life revolves around.
“The two works hand in hand to make me a complete human being,” he added.
Ngezi Platinum speedy winger Michael Charamba also spoke about the importance of family time.
Charamba said people should use this opportunity to draw closer to God.
“This lockdown has separated us from many things. Now we have more time to read the word and pray.
“All things work for good to those who love God.
“As Christians it’s time to repent and try to align yourself to the word of God. He has given us time to come together as a family and exalt him,” said Charamba.
Charamba was injured midway last season had to miss out owing to an injury.
He has since started light training and is expected to be fully fit by the time the league resumes.
He said staying indoors is not healthy for a sportsman.
“Being indoors is not good for a sportsman since you won’t be training enough.
“Many might not have the right training equipment at home and there won’t be anyone to monitor your progress.
“Life without football is hard because football is life for us,” he added.
Charamba said the lockdown has also brought him closer to his family.
“The lockdown has saw us being number one fans of family bonding.
“We have been given a chance to know each other well and it has been good to us as a family since we get to share real love and share each other dreams and aspirations,” said Charamba.
Another Highlanders player Ariel Sibanda also opened up about the importance of family time.
“Our lockdown routine is the same routine every time.
“We wake up, eat play, watch TV and then sleep. This is an advantage for us as it prevents us from contacting the virus.
“Family time is good and I realised I have been missing a lot.
“Doing things together with my family is a blessing for me.
“What sucks is having all this much time together and I can’t take them our, but never the less I am enjoying their company,” said Sibanda.
Sibanda said he has learnt many shocking details about his family during this lockdown
“I have learnt a lot about my family.
“I didn’t know my wife and kids love soccer that much.
“They have made me realise that family and football are equally good and are all essential to my life,” added the Highlanders skipper.
Chapungu forward Brighton Mugoni also aired his views on family bonding.
“Having quality time with your family is fun.
“Watching your family grow and relaxed is the best feeling ever. What sucks is also getting to know their weaknesses.
“The family bonding is good, watching each other’s favourite movies together and not forgetting the cartoons too.
“It’s boring at times but fun at times too. Life without football is boring but life without family is hell. I wouldn’t trade bonding time for anything. Personally I chose my family and this situation has helped us know each other better,” said Mugoni.
CAPS United higly rated new signing and forward Ishmael Wadi said the lockdown has brought him closer to family.
“This lockdown has brought us closer to family but on the other hand I miss football.
“The best experience has been getting to know what my children likes and what they don’t like since our time for me and my wife is all about working.
“I have learnt that I should communicate more with my children.
“The advantage has been getting to know my wife and children’s better and spending time together is wonderful,” said Wadi.
The former Harare city star also spoke his mind if he is asked to choose between football and family.
“Life without football to me is meaningless because football is my life.
“If I am supposed to choose between the two I will go for my family.
“But I love and respect football because for my family to be together its because of football,” he added.

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