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19 April 2016
BEING a football star, just like being a musician, actor, writer or any profession that makes one famous, brings one’s life into the limelight.

This limelight shines brighter when one plays for a team with many followers like Dynamos or Highlanders or CAPS United.

Once you are in this limelight, every decision you make and every move you take is under the scrutiny of many stakeholders.

Top of those stakeholders is the media, then your employers, your fans and their rivals. While some, like rival fans, may celebrate your mistakes, the media, your employers and fans will not turn a blind eye on them.

By becoming famous through football or any other activity in Zimbabwe, you somehow become answerable to many people than you really owe explanations.

So your conduct, especially in public, should always reflect how you want the world to view you.

As a result, there are many personality flaws that popular people should totally get rid of. And journalists make no apology for exposing and criticizing such mistakes.

To be found fighting in public, or releasing a sex tape or having drunken bouts when you know you are a popular figure in society is something that one has to guard against in their individual capacities.

Whether you want to be one or not, being popular makes you a role model to some people in society.

As celebrities you must realize that your reputations and the impact of your actions go beyond your immediate vicinity and can influence every person who listens to you or watches you perform.

How a role model behaves can impact on a family, community or nation’s reputation and celebrities must learn from some of the bad examples that are being displayed by their colleagues that we are seeing in the media.

So if you are popular, before you engage in any behavior that society deems uncivil, you ought to ask yourself if you can stand with a straight face in front of people that would have seen you as a drunkard without feeling shame.

You should ask yourself whether your fans will respect you enough to listen to any word you speak after they see you in your wild state.

Whilst everyone that is publicized by the media for doing something shameful cannot face up to the world and his family the next day, celebrities must know that they have a bigger family than other people and the people they entertain look up to them as role models.

Their actions can therefore be emulated by the youths and everyone who looks up to them.

Whilst they may think the attention that is being put on their wrongdoings is unfair, the fact is such publicity is only normal for people who are prominent for one reason or another.

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