For Fantan, it wasn’t for fun . . .He arrived like a star but walked away a concerned man

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For Fantan, it wasn’t for fun . . .He arrived like a star but walked away a concerned man FANTAN arrives at court


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  • Chanter in dramatic court appearance in Mbare
  • Fans troll him, asking why he was in denial

Arron Nyamayaro 

DJ Fantan arrived at Mbare Magistrates Court yesterday in style but left the scene in a different state.

Clearly, while he was bubbly when he arrived, all the excitement appeared to have gone, as he left the scene.

The disc jockey avoided the public entrance upon arrival.

A police officer led him through the entrance used by magistrates and it was clear he was feeling like a VIP.

However, when he finally left, after spending hours at the court, he came through the public exit.

GAMU and FANTAN at court

Born, Arnold Kamudyariwa, DJ Fantan, 35, was not a happy man once he realised the presence of the H-Metro journalists.

Six H-Metro reporters were at the scene to track every development as the newspaper felt it was obliged to prove that its reporting on the case has not only been consistent but remains the truth.

There has been a vicious online campaign to try and discredit the newspaper even though every angle we have published has proved to be the truth.

Ironically, some of the online publications, which have been leading the crusade against us, were the ones shamelessly carrying our updates that, indeed, DJ Fantan, had now appeared in court.

“I thought H-Metro was one of us but today you showed me your true colours,” said Fantan, as he reversed his vehicle from the court premises.

“Do you have a personal vendetta with me or you just hate me because your headlines on domestic violence were too much.

Hutsinye hwacho uuummmmm,” he said.

DJ Fantan’s appearance at Mbare magistrates court did not attract many people.

His utterances,  to H-Metro journalists, was the only incident which appeared to attract the attention of the public.

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