For the Machesos, it’s a father and daughter show

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For the Machesos, it’s a father and daughter show Stacy Macheso


Paidamoyo Bore

WHAT a time for the Macheso clan in the coming two months.

Alick Macheso, the King of Sungura, will be releasing his latest album next month.

Then, the following month, his daughter, Stacy, will release her debut album.

In an interview with H-Metro, Stacy said she was excited about the project.

“I had planned to release the album earlier but then we had delays with the production process.

“Much of the work is done but we will definitely wait for dad’s album-launch-cum birthday celebration to go first. This is a special one for him, my album will only come after his.

“June 10 is a special day, not only to him but also for me and the rest of the family,” she said.

Stacy promised that she will collaborate with her father at some point.

“I am not collaborating with my father on the new album but we are not ruling that out in future.

“For now, I am working on carving my own niche,” said Stacy.

On her new album, Stacy said she has worked with other artists to try and perfect her work.

“I am exploring collaborations with some local and SA-based musicians, something which I feel is strategic in my career path,” she said.

Stacy released her first song in 2020 titled Ingozi and came with another song in 2021, titled Amai.

Both songs received amazing support and got a lot of airplay.

The 20-year-old thanked her father for the support he always gave her.

“Fame comes with pressure, I always get counsel from my father who has emphasised the importance of professionalism and hard work in all I do,” said the Afro Pop musician.

Stacy also hailed the support she continues to get from her fans and promoters.

“Doing music is not easy because it comes with a lot of pressure and it’s also expensive given the costs involved in production.

“I am, however, grateful for the support coming my way from industry players and stakeholders,” she said.

Stacy said she recently got an endorsement deal from Preeminence Hardware, a local player in the hardware and construction industry. The upcoming artist said she will be performing live shows after the release of her album.

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