Tanaka Mahanya

A Form One student has invented a model of a refrigerator which can be used by farmers in the rural areas.

Stefan Ngwira is a student at Sacred Heart School in Banket.

He invented a solar powered machine, which produces cool air, and can be run by rechargeable solar batteries.

The machine, however, does not freeze contents but only produces cool air.

The machine, he believes, will be very useful in the rural areas where there is no electricity.

His mother, Damares Zulu, told H-Metro that although the fridge was built from cardboard boxes and wire, Stefan was determined to do even better.

“He used a broken DVD and laptop to make the refrigerator, which has a switch and propeller. The propeller turns the fan and produces cool air.

“As a parent, I would say that he is gifted as this is not his first invention.”

She said Stefan’s next project was about making a water pump.

“He keeps fish and the pump will probably assist in fish keeping.

“He does not have much knowledge but, based on what he has done now, I believe exposure and guidance will provide more results.

“He is determined to change the lives of others and he believes this is the first step to fulfilling his dreams.

“Hopefully, in the future, he will be able to make these on a large scale basis and impact many lives.”

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