Gamuchirai Bhachi

A FORM 1 student at Sandringham High School has been missing since October 20.

Tariro Tambala (14) was taken from school by her mother’s sister to see a doctor on October 20.

She was having an eye problem.

On their way back to school, Tariro is said to have asked her aunt to hold her school bag while she went to buy some stationery at a nearby shop in Chegutu.

However, she never returned.

The school said in a statement:

“It is very disturbing that we are learning that one of our Form 1 female students went missing while on her way back to school from her home.

“Tariro was collected from school by her guardian on the 20th of October for medical attention.

“Tariro is said to have requested to buy some books and a few items from a nearby shop.

“Her mother’s sister, who was taking her to school remained with her bags. That was the last time she was seen.”

The school and family are appealing for information that may help them locate Tariro.

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