Former model fights drug abuse

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Former model fights drug abuse Sharon Mhlanga-Frost


Lucia Mazhou, Entertainment Reporter

Former model and pageant owner Sharon Mhlanga-Frost has urged youths to take a leading role in the fight against fight drug abuse.

The model and founder of Frosties Modelling and Entertainment Agency says she is determined to help rehabilitate young people in promoting the girl child in fighting drugs.

Sharon mentoring some of her models

“I noticed a rise in alcohol and drug abuse, early child marriages and teenage pregnancies before I thought it would be best to reduce such cases through raising awareness to the youths.


“I am determined to help, teach and promote youths and young girls in the art industry.


“We speak we have models, musicians, dancers, actors and graphic artists.


“We seek to rehabilitate them using their talents, keeping them occupied with an end result of making them better leaders, better people for a better tomorrow.


“We are aware it’s no easy task but through determination and above all prayer,” she said.


Sharon said their main objective is to transform their lives and give hope to youths since she believes beauty and art can change the world.


“We are passionate about people fighting for their rights, caring and respecting each other, fostering personal growth and opportunity.


“We also nurture future leaders and reward innovation.


“Dreams delayed are not dreams denied and we have fifteen models currently signed, some from Gweru and some from as far as South Africa,” she said.


Born in Bulawayo, the beauty queen grew up in South Africa and is married to Eugene Frost who is the co-owner of Frosties Modelling and Entertainment agency.

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