Former workers evicted from company houses

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Former workers evicted from company houses


Lovemore Chazingwa in KADOMA

FORMER Kadoma Textiles workers have been left homeless after being evicted them from their places of residences at Martin Spur Township.

The employer argues that his former employees were evicted to make way for incumbent workers who deserve an opportunity to stay in the homes during their tenure of employment.

On the other hand, these ex-employees were resisting moving out citing unfair labour practices.

Seven pensioners and another employee, Nyasha Musamadya, who is still contesting his contract termination, were evicted from the company homes they were occupying, with some having been there for over four decades.

The affected former employees are part of a group of eight pensioners flagging unfair packages and twenty-one employees contesting termination of their contracts by the textile concern.

“We received letters of intention to evict us on November 26 this year. This is just too much for us,” said pensioner Nicholas Chimubvuri, 69, in an interview.

“It is ordered that judgment be and is hereby granted in favour of the plaintiff against the defendant for; a) eviction of the defendant and all those claiming occupation through him from House No. – – – Martin Spur Township, Kadoma,” the order read.

Evicted pensioners served the company for periods ranging from twenty to forty-two years.

“We’re not saying we don’t want to leave. They should settle our outstanding package arrears then we go elsewhere. From here I’m going to Donain communal lands,” said a frustrated Samson Maruza, 68, while dismantling his foul run.

Human resources director Charles Chibanda said the company had done all it can to assist the former employees, accusing them of buying time.

“As a company we did all we could at law. We went through necessary processes but the employees are just trying to buy time. We will not give them another chance,” he said in an interview.

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