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Trust Khosa recently in Mhondoro-Ngezi

A 39-YEAR-OLD woman, who is nursing severe burns at home after being struck by lightning, was last Friday all smiles after receiving a wheelchair, groceries and crutches, thanks to Alfred Dondo Foundation (ADF).

Siphiwe Chokore lost everything during the lightning strike in 2019.


Her woes were however, eased last Friday when ADF donated a wheelchair and groceries, while Mwana Chipo Africa Trust gave the mother of five crutches and maize-meal.


Chokore, who was surviving on food handouts from villagers, could not hide her elation afer receiving the donation.


“To be honest, I never expected that one day I would get help afer being struck by lightning, which left me almost paralysed
as you can see.


“I’m grateful to God that I am still alive and well-wishers like these visitors from Harare (Alfred Dondo Foundation) is  the best thing to have ever happened in my life since I never expected this all my life,” she said.


Chikore hailed the foundation for remembering the needy, as she narrated her ordeal in the company of fellow villagers.


“When I was struck by lightning in my kitchen hut, I was alone cooking for the kids.


“It happened in a ash when I discovered smoke and re in the hut.


“My kids and villagers came and pulled me out from the fire and also pulled out my tongue.


“I then sought help at a local clinic, but my condition deteriorated.


“I was transferred to Kadoma, but the cost of medication was too much.

“We also consulted prophets, but did not get help.


“As you can see, the wounds are still fresh, but there are villagers who pooled resources.


“At the moment, I had no food since our crops wilted.


“My husband, who is an artisanal miner, is also struggling to fend for the family and I am grateful to our visitors,” he said.


Impala Car Rental executive Tracey Ngoma said they were carrying on with the legacy of their late CEO Thompson
Dondo, who died early this year.

“When we learnt about the plight of this woman, we wanted to help her, but we were mourning our late CEO who was the major financier of the Alfred Dondo Foundation.


“We are here doing what we were taught by our late CEO who was generous.


“Before his death, he always taught us to help the needy and we are here to fulfill his wishes,” she said.


Ngoma said they will continue assisting the needy in order to fulfill the legacy set by the late CEO.


Other villagers who attended the handover ceremony said ADF had led by example.

“It’s not easy to be remembered by someone who has travelled all the way from Harare when locals have failed.


“Our local councillor has failed to assist her and we had to drag him to come here and assess her condition, hoping he would relay the message to the Member of Parliament, to no avail.


“It’s almost three years afer she was struck by lightning, but we have not heard from them,” said an irate villager

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