Arron Nyamayaro

FOUR members of the popular skit group, Naiza Boom, have left the group citing unpaid salaries and unprofessional conduct.

Terrence Chirinda, also known as Jatiwero, Yvonne Chirowa (aka Vovo), Myron Muswe (aka Ozemwa) and Enlight Muzira (aka Netsai), who had been with the group for nine years, criticised Naiza Boom director, Michael Machiwona.

They claimed that they had been receiving their salaries irregularly despite having children to support, and that Machiwona was divisive and did not support worker unity.

“We have been toiling for the past nine years for a song. Imagine, we have been receiving our salaries like sweets when we have children to look after. Anokutambidza salary sekunonzi arikukumhoresa apa achizviitira kuti umwe asaone kuti wapihwa uye wapihwa marii.

“Kana vanotambidzana mhandire havadaro.

“He divides workers, talks badly about employees with others.

“He wants to do everything, including things he is not good at.

“Ndiye driver, director, photographer, filter, editor, ndiye zvese apa achidya mari yose,” the members said.

Michael refused to comment on the allegations.

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