Four years for incest

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Four years for incest


10 January 2019

A 51-year-old father, facing charges of incest, was yesterday slapped with a four-year jail term after a full trial.

James Chihuri, who had pleaded not guilty, was convicted after a full trial by Harare magistrate Themba Kuwanda.

The State led by Chipo Mutamba proved beyond reasonable doubt that Chihuri forced his daughter in an incestuous relationship that saw her having a child who is now three weeks old.

Circumstances are that sometime in March last year, his two daughters including the complainant in the matter were sleeping in their bedroom when the victim woke up with a knife on her neck, her father threatening to kill her if she screamed.

Thereafter, Chihuri raped his daughter then went back to sleep and in the morning, she advised his wife about the incident.

Later that month, Chihuri raped his daughter again several times till she fell pregnant and when she advised her aunt, they gave her boiling Tanganda tea leaves and she vomited.

Chihuri and his wife Anna Mangwenya later took the girl to one Simbisai Magora for termination of pregnancy who gave her herbs.

However, they failed to terminate the pregnancy and the girl went to her mother’s house and revealed the matter to her.

In mitigation, Chihuri said the girl used to hug him and sit on his lap after he returned from work every day so he assumed that she was interested in a sexual relationship.

He further pleaded with the court to give him a fine instead of a custodial sentence as he wants to take care of his child and the newly born baby.

In giving the sentence, Magistrate Kuwanda said he only incarcerated Chihuri since he does not have an option to put him in the jungle with animals because that is where he belongs.


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