‘Fraudster’ Godfrey Macheso speaks out

Entertainment Reporter

SUSPECTED con artist, Godfrey Macheso, who made headlines for allegedly duping yesteryear musician Kuchinei Chatsama, insists his hands are clean.

Godfrey, who is not related to sungura kingpin Alick Macheso, allegedly swindled the Nyembesi hit-maker of US$4 000 in a botched kitchen utensils deal.

Giving his side of the story after being accused of fraud, Godfrey denied any wrong doing.

“I have known Kuchinei since 2016 and I helped her in the business of selling chickens before she decided to change and sell kitchen utensils.

“She used to come and stay at my house in Johannesburg as a friend and I trusted her like someone I knew,” he said.

Godfrey claimed his relationship with Kuchinei was strained when he was robbed of cash in Johannesburg.

“At one point, she sent me R8 500 for the purchase of pots in Joburg, and I was robbed in South Africa. In total, I was robbed of close to R12 000 and a cellphone since my own money was also taken by robbers.

“I could not talk to her for a couple of days since I was unreachable, but she later got the news that I was mugged.

“She never bothered me for the money when she found out that I had a genuine case.”

Godfrey said he was surprised to learn from the media that he was playing hide-and-seek with her money.

“I am not a thief, but a smart businessman. I am surprised that she is raising the issue now. I don’t even know where she is right now.

“I am not afraid of being prosecuted over the issue if she has a genuine case as she claims,” he said.

He believes Kuchinei is only seeking   attention.

“From the look of things, she is desperate for attention and I think she now wants to tarnish my image for reasons best known to her.

“Kuchinei has been sending people to pester me over the money, which I did not steal.”

In a Facebook post, Kuchinei claimed that she was yet to recover her money from Godfrey.

She also claimed that Godfrey started avoiding her phone calls after he fleeced her of money, which was meant to boost her business.

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